About Us


TOTUKA JEWELERS has been one of the most trusted names for jewellery since the year 1945. It was the vision and foresight of Late SHRI PADAMCHANDJI TOTUKA that was passed onto his son Mr SUNIL PADAMCHAND TOTUKA, who carried on the legacy of the successful jewellery business not just to Indian Big Houses today, but also expanded to a global level.
Today we not only cater to the elite class of clientele in India, but also export our products to the major gems and jeweler trading centers of the world like Hongkong, USA, Europe etc. Mr Sunil Totuka has taken the jewellery business to a new high. He has excellent experience and very rare vision in jewellery and stones, which makes our products exceptionally rare, unique, one of a kind & a class apart!
The third generation of this family has also accompanied their father, to add even more creativity, beauty and credibility to Totuka Jewelers! Miss Nidhi & Shweta Totuka, young business women, are working diligently since couple of years in manifesting more expansion, styling & enhancing the success of their family business!


Our vision is to fortify our present and future by seeking out new goals and opportunities, while providing the best of quality, services & flawless products to our customers. We believe that in realising the dreams of another, we fulfill our own. Every piece of our jewellery is only one of a kind and cannot be replicated, because of its high quality, exceptional selection, design, and magnificent beautification.